A partnership of friends, family and community working together to support the health, wellness and educational needs of our region.

Offering financial assistance to regional health care employees seeking advancement in the healthcare profession.


Fund Use & Acknowledgment 

Before disbursing funds, a signed copy of the Grant Agreement must be received by Worthington Regional Health Care Foundation, Inc. Funds must be used for the purpose stated in the proposal. Unused funds must be returned and/or forfeited to the Foundation if not used within time frame indicated in agreement.

Organizations receiving a grant award agree to identify Worthington Regional Health Care Foundation, Inc. in publications, educational efforts, letterhead, news releases, etc.

Grant Performance Report

All grantees must submit a Grant Performance Report to Worthington Regional Health Care Foundation, Inc. at the end of the funding cycle, as indicated in a signed grant agreement. The report guide will be provided with the grant agreement.

Future grant awards will not be distributed until we have received a Grant Performance Report for prior grants.


  • One grant will be funded per organization per year for a maximum of three consecutive years. 
  • A Foundation grant does not guarantee further support. 
  • The Foundation prefers to partner with others when providing financial support. 

The Foundation’s Role

The Foundation’s primary role in this capacity is to:

  • To promote charitable and educational purposes in Worthington and the surrounding communities. 
  • Provide support for wellness programs and health education initiatives.
  • Encourage support from the communities served to respond to health, wellness and eduational needs.

Application Procedure

Foundation grant applications are accepted 4 times a year. Completed applications must be received by Worthington Regional Health Care Foundation. 

To submit a proposal, complete the Grant Application Form and the Application Check List. For consideration, all questions must be answered and supporting information provided.

Where to Apply

All correspondence and questions should be directed to:

Worthington Regional Healthcare Foundation, Inc.

1121 Third Avenue

Worthington, MN 56187

(507) 372-2919

Finalizing the Process

Applicants may be contacted by a Worthington Regional Health Care Foundation, Inc. representative to answer questions or provide an on-site visit to help clarify the request. 

All grant applicants will be notified in writing of their application status.

Eligibility and Focus

Consistent with its mission, Worthington Regional Health Care Foundation will accept grant proposals from organizations that are equal opportunity employers and meet one or more of these criteria:

Provide health care services and programs to Worthington Regional Health Care Foundation, Inc. individuals and families.

  • Initiate or support health-related programs in response to expressed community needs.
  • Provide support for wellness and health education initiatives.
  • Clearly show evidence of collaboration with organizations that have similar missions for optimum community impact.
  • Focus on programming and services, rather than capital equipment. Capital equipment requests must be related to the healthcare program described.


 Worthington Regional Health Care Foundation, Inc. will not consider grant requests to fund the following:

  • Incomplete proposals
  • Individuals and their projects
  • Political organizations, campaign or lobbying activities
  • Organization designed primarily for lobbying and advocacy
  • Religious organizations for direct religious activities
  • Endowment or capital campaigns
  • Program advertising, tickets or raffles
  • Benefit fund-raisers
  • Testimonial or recognition events