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MN Cornerstone Drug Court - 2017

As the name states, the Worthington Regional "Health Care" Foundation provides grant opportunities to improve the overall health and wellness of people in the community. People most likely associate "healthcare" with images such as physical fitness, nutrition or medical services, but the thought of music is not a first thought. The Minnesota Cornerstone Drug Court alumni used funds from our grant award to host the first of a two-part music therapy session. At this first session, approximately twenty of the drug court alumni and current participants gathered with licensed marriage and family therapist and musician, Greg Wasberg for a night of song, laughter and tears. We enjoyed Greg sharing songs with us that he wrote, as well as singing along to familiar tunes. Greg educated the group about how music triggers memories and how it can provoke feelings such as anger, sadness or joy. He enlightened the participants on how to use embrace music for its therapeutic qualities and encouraged them to consider learning to play an instrument. The group members were challenged to write lyrics that Greg put to music.

We look forward to our next session, which will include hands-on opportunities for our participants to write lyrics and play instruments. The attached photo was taken at the end of our last session, when one of our participants showed an interest in learning to play the guitar. We look forward listening to him play for the group next time!

Thank you again to you and the WRHCF!